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You are not allowed to download torrents without a VPN

Your Internet Service Provider and Government can track your torrent activity.

Hide Your IP and Location with Trust.Zone VPN. It's free!

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How to access the torrent?

You are not allowed to download torrents before hiding your IP with a VPN

  1. Sign up with Trust.Zone VPN for free
  2. Download and run VPN, then go to 1337X
  3. Now you can download torrents. Your IP is now hidden!
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Protect yourself from Lawsuits and Huge Fines

Government and your Internet Service Provider are tracking your torrent activity. Your IP address is visible to EVERYONE.

Stop your ISP from tracking you

Your Internet Service Provider is recording your every move on the Internet - your browsing history, your downloads and your personal data.

Take back your freedom

VPN hides your activity, keeps your IDENTITY private and makes you anonymous online.

Use a VPN to hide your torrening!

Trust.Zone is anonymous and logless VPN under Seychelles jurisdiction,
out of 14 Eyes Surveillance Alliance. There is no data retention law in Seychelles.

If we receive any type of DMCA requests or Copyright Infringement Notices – we ignore them.

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Why Trust.Zone VPN?

Download torrents without limits

BitTorrent and file-sharing traffic is allowed on all servers. Trust.Zone does not throttle or block any protocols, IP addresses, sites or any type of traffic whatsoever. Port forwarding is available.

100% Anonymous VPN

Trust.Zone doesn't store any logs. We don't ask for your name or personal details. Trust.Zone is located in Seychelles, out of 14 Eyes Surveillance Alliance. We support Warrant Canary.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch blocks all outgoing and incoming traffic if internet connection drops for any reason. So, your real IP address will never be revealed. This feature is extremely important for BitTorrent users

Protection against DNS leaks

Without a VPN, your device uses a DNS servers provided by your ISP. We replace your original DNS with DNS services managed by Trust.Zone. You will never get DNS leaks or IP leaks!

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